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We know as parents the importance of that next step after high school, and facing the college selection process can be intimidating and confusing. Hitch Educational Consulting assisted our family by providing information, support, encouragement, and a detailed plan to help us navigate the competitive world of higher ed.

Mr. Pitts brings extensive expertise and recourses to assist families with this transition. He listened to our desires and concerns as parents, and he met with our son to learn about his skills and aspirations. Mr. Pitts then formulated a plan with meaningful goals to help us achieve our objectives. He encourages and lays out the next steps to achieve the end goal. He kept in touch with our son throughout the process by in-person meetings, email, and text messages. Mr. Pitts also provided him with reminders and deadlines for important milestones. It helped relieve some of our burden by knowing that we were not traveling this exciting but overwhelming path alone.

We would highly recommend Mr. Pitts and Hitch Educational Consulting for all your academic planning needs. And get started early!


Mr. Pitts provided me with an innovative, individualized college search process. He counseled me, beginning with college discovery through the applications and interviews that ultimately resulted in me being accepted to multiple top-ranked universities.

He then went the extra mile and attended Wake Forest's Accepted Student Day with me, seeing me all the way through to my college decision.

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Justin has had a tremendous impact on my family personally as he helped my two sons with the college admissions process. Not only did he support this process by preparing documents in a timely manner, but he also made himself available to counsel and encourage them, beginning in their sophomore year and even after they graduated. 

Justin helped my sons gain congressional nominations and acceptance to the US Naval Academy and West Point. He was vitally instrumental in the rigorous application process, and my entire family will always be grateful for Justin's genuine concern, support, and leadership for our sons.


Justin is a professional who has always had superb people skills, a smile on his face, and a remarkable way of making things better every day.

[When we worked together], he was available and genuinely listened to others, sought to understand and improve processes, managed with compassion and organization, and was always extremely professional when dealing with students and families.

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Mr. Pitts was extremely helpful as he worked to navigate through the options and decisions of my future after high school. He was always very insightful and helped answer questions I would not have been able to [answer] without his guidance.

He helped me logically formulate a plan and showed me the best possible way to execute it while providing me with other options. He is a hardworking and logical man, and I greatly appreciate his help for the sake of my future and the decisions I have been able to make.


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